Preparatory Documents for Accra 2018 Workshops



The Workshops of the Accra Meeting 2018-09-14


Official launch of the preparations for the First Pan-African Federal Congress


 Accra 2018 will be a working meeting. The product of this meeting will be not only a better collective understanding of our project by the participants but also a roadmap to the First Pan-African Federal Congress. This roadmap will need to be accompanied by a plan of action that we are confident of being able to implement without depending on anyone outside the African masses of the continent and the Diaspora, therefore on daughters and sons of Africa who share our goal and are ready advocate for and invest on the campaign for African Political Unit. The overall purpose of these workshops is to prepare the ground for the operation of the International Preparatory Committee (IPC) of the First Pan African Federalist Congress. The tasks of the workshop of the Pan-African Federalist Movement (PAFM) could be defined as follow: 




Instruments and methodology



Workshop 1: Foundation and Construction of the PAFM

Based on the context in which our Initiative was born, define an inclusive and participatory to consolidate the foundational base of the movement and design a road map for building a vast PAFM



This workshop will discuss two documents:

a) The PAFM Manifesto

b) Building our Campaign machine





Workshop2: Preparation and adoption of the key documents of the 1st Congress


Share and adopt the basic documents for the Preparation of the 1st Pan African Federalist Congress, an important moment in our campaign for the United African States

The following provisional documents that have been produced by the IPIC will be submitted to the delegates coming from the RICs and NICs for amendments and adoption:

a) The Call for the First Pan-African Federalist Congress

b) The Concept of the First Pan African Federalist Congress

c) The Terms of Reference of the First Pan-African Federalist Congress

d) The Charter of the First Pan African Federalist Congress





Workshop 3: Develop, Vulgarize and popularize the PAFM through a proximity communication




Design a communication plan that will carry our campaign message across the Pan African world through various means of distributions and activities.

This Workshop will focus on two topics:

a) The Draft communication plan for IPC which is produced by the IPIC Communication Commission

b) How to make the MFPA relevant and to make the popular masses of Africa adhere to it? The draft document on this issue is produced by Brother Mwalimu KQ Amsata aka Edward Brown, and Sister Dikeledi Mokoena,




Workshop 4: How to finance our Campaign? More precisely how do will we be raising and managing the funds for the IPC?



Agree on the financing mechanisms of our campaign and the transparent management of resources and financial means.




The Draft Document for this Workshop is produced Sister Nana Ama Amamoo.






Workshop 5: PAFM Visibility and Credibility.


A campaign needs visibility and Credibility. To make the PAFM highly visible and enhance its credibility Champions and Ambassadors are recruited.  Defining the criteria and conditions for the choice and appointment of these individuals is the purpose of this Workshop.


This workshop will deal with the following questions:

a) Who can be recruited as Champion or Ambassador of the PAFM and its campaign?

b) What is the procedure for recruiting Champions and Ambassadors?

c) Who recruits the Champions and Ambassadors the IPC, the RICs, the NIC or all of them?

d) What is the difference between a Champion and an Ambassador?

e) What is expected of the Ambassadors and Champions in the Campaign for the birth of the UAS within a generation or less?





Workshop 6: Legal Existence of the PAFM- Registration and Recognition of the Movement.



n  Come up with a plan for legal recognition of the movement by a declaration in a country or a headquarters agreement.

n  Come up with a template for bylaws of the RICs and NICs.

The following Documents and questions will be addressed by this Workshop:

a) The Statutes and By-Laws of the IPC: The draft is produced by Salif Salolom Kathy Mhango.

(b) The Statutes of the NICs Burkina Faso(French) and South Africa(English) will serve as basis for the adoption of the Template of the NICs and RICs

c) The path to legalization and legal recognition of the MFPA



These documents must be finalized and approved no later than the end of September 2018. They will have to be sent to the Regional Coordination no later than October 08, 2018, that is to say, two firm months before the opening ceremony of Accra 2018.

months before the opening ceremony of Accra 2018.