A call for the first African Federalists Congress

African can unite and must unite if we African Federalists Come together

 The outcome of the Accra 2007 African Union Summit has made it clearer, even to the least perceptive monitors of the effort that is being deployed to Unite Africa that Sirte 1999 did not create the momentum that many African Federalists were hoping for.  Like the Addis Ababa 1963 compromise that gave birth to the OAU, what appeared to be a middle of the ground agreement on July 12, 2000 in Lome, Togo, was indeed a defeat of the African federalists.  It is today becoming more and more evident that we are headed towards another failure of the African Political leadership to put an end to the balkanization of our continent.  The dream of a United States of Africa, which an overwhelming majority of the people of African descent has for decades longed to see materialize, is starting to look more like a utopia than a feasible plan to get Africa out of its actual quagmire.  

 We believe that the failures of the different plans that have been put forth to unite Africa trace their roots to the fact that the approaches that have been so far embraced by African Federalists were either wrong or incomplete.  For that very reason they were unable to create the kind of environment that is vital to the birth of the Union of African States.  All these approaches were deeply rooted in the sincere desire to see Africa become one politico-economic entity and for that reason they were worthy and significant but lacked the capacity to carry the implementation of the African Federalist Agenda to a level that is necessary to achieve the Unification of Africa.  The need for the African federalists to find a new approach for the birth of a healthy political union of the African states is today self-evident.

 What are the obstacles that have for several decades foiled the plans to unite Africa politically?  How can these impediments be overcome?  Why is the unification of Africa, from which more than a billion people will undoubtedly benefit, seem to be so difficult to achieve?  These are some of the questions that many Africans at home and abroad have been rightfully asking themselves as they lose faith in the capacity of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the African Union (AU) to transform our continent into one politico-economic entity.  The search for realistic answers to these questions is the main reason for creating this meeting place for African Federalists. 

 Why do we believe that the right time is now?

 In 1961 when Dr. Nkrumah said prophetically to his peers that the only way for us to make it was by forming “a strong political union”, many Africans had a hard time seeing and/or accepting the truth.   Today, more than fifty years after the wave of independence has passed through the continent, the failed economies of those countries that once looked promising, the civil wars and pandemics diseases that have claimed the lives of millions of Africans, the national debts that have become an unbearable burden for the majority of the African countries despite the insignificance of their amount and the threat posed today by globalization to many of the African subcultures stand as undeniable proofs to the righteousness of Nkrumah’s warning.

 It is now “self evident” to the overwhelming majority of people of African descent and to the friends of Africa that the only way out of the despair is to follow Nkrumah’s advice and embrace the Continental Federalist Option.  Now more than ever his call stands a much better chance to be heeded if the right approach for provoking the birth of the Union of African States is found and implemented. Now more than ever a generation of Africans has the real opportunity to Unite Africa and leave to its descendants a legacy that will be a source of pride and bright prospect instead of being a laughing stock for the rest of the world.

Do you believe that Nkrumah was right when he stated that; "Africa Must Unite"?

Do you believe like Cheikh Anta Diop that only a federal state can develop Africa!

Do you believe that the OUA and its child the AU have very little chance to unite Africa?

Do you believe that the overwhelming majority of the African people want Africa to Unite?

Is Africa's political and economic unity a cause worth giving your time and ressources?

If your answer to any of those five questions is yes, consider yourself to be one of of the people that we are trying to reach.  Please start to mobilize around you for the conveining of the First African Federalist Congress.