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In the early 1960s, when Dr. Nkrumah had forcefully told his peers that our only way to salvation was the formation of a strong political union, many Africans had difficulty grasping his vision for Africa. In the course of the more than half a century after the first waves of independence, the scale and multiplication of crises on the continent have made the truthfulness of this affirmation more and more obvious.


Today it has become clear that the African continent, divided into more than fifty states that are politically and economically non-viable, will have serious difficulties getting out of the current chaos in which it is wading. The inabilities, many times demonstrated, of African governments to cope with the many hotbeds of tension that are spreading across the continent, the socio-political crises and the capture of land and natural resources by multinationals and foreign powers, are illustrations of the non-viability of the African states as singletons.


Thus, despite the efforts noted here and there, no one can deny the obvious: the African states are unable, as stand-alone units, to meet the basic needs of their citizens. While the situation on the continent is worsening, Africa continues to be the hunting ground for all sorts of predators in search of resources and profits often under the false pretexts of humanitarian assistance, foreign direct investment and cooperation. The African states of the CaribbeanIslands are not doing any better than those of the motherland of the overwhelming majority of their citizens.


Having taken stock of the situation of African people world wide and noting that they are today at a crossroads and drawing from the rich heritage of the precursors of Pan African federalism, a group of Africans, launched in February 2015, the call for the First Pan African Federalist Congress. Their goal is to bring together people who are convinced that it is now more than ever urgent to unite the African states. The purpose of this gathering being to find the right strategy that can lead to this political unification.


This call, available in several languages, was quickly echoed and enthusiastically received on the continent and in the Diaspora.  For the signatories of the Call for the First Pan-African Federalist Congress, it is time to act on the lessons learned from past approaches, experiences and initiatives. Today, more than ever, Nkrumah's call for the political unity of the African peoples is more likely to be heard if the right approach for the creation of the United African States (UAS) is formulated and implemented. This is the main objective of the First Pan-African Federalist Congress.


In view of the great enthusiasm that this call has generated among African people and friends of Africa, it should be affirmed that this generation of Africans has the will to unite politically the African people and to leave to their descendants a legacy that will be a source of pride and immense opportunities.


It is in this light that one must situate the mission of the Pan-African Federalist Movement (PAFM) which is being built around this Call: the creation of the optimal conditions the development of a broad mass movement able to secure the adherence of the vast majority of African peoples to Dr. Nkrumah's federalist project.


The PAFM is a grassroots coalition of Individuals and organizations that are willing and ready to devote a portion of their time and resources to the campaign for the political unification of all the States on the whole continent of Africa and its surrounding Islands as well as the States in the Caribbean Islands where people of African descent make up the overwhelming majority of their citizenry.


Not one inch of the African territories - south or north of the Sahara as well as the CaribbeanIslands – will be conceded to foreign ownership or control. PAFM rejects all attempts to divide African people along race, class, religion.  The PAFM rejects any form of discrimination on the basis of a natural attribute or a personal choice that that ought to be recognized as an inalienable right for the individual.


The purpose of this Manifesto is:

-         To outline the mission of the PAFM

-         To indicate the path for its accomplishment,

-         To give a hint on some of the major changes, in their capacity to control their destinies, the political unification of their states will bring at the door steps of  African people, on the African continent and in its Diaspora.

-         To outline the gains that lay ahead of African people when they regain their full sovereignty lost around the 17th century and regain control of their destiny. 


Our Vision


Our vision is to build a peaceful, African-controlled, African-led federal entity where security, freedom and opportunities for self betterment are a reality for its residents not a constantly elusive target. A political, economic and military entity that will occupy the place it deserves in the concert of the nations and communities of the peoples of the world.


The sole ambition of the pan-African federalist movement is to bring the United African States (UAS) into being in a generation or less.


Our Mission


The fundamental objective of the Pan-African Federalists is to restore the dignity and full sovereignty of Africans by freeing them from all forms of political, military, economic, monetary and cultural domination.


This mission of the PAFM will be achieved through the leadership of those who are organized in Local, National and Regional Committees in a dozen regions throughout the African world.


For the PAFM, citizens are the legitimate owners of sovereignty and their political leaders are only temporary custodians. It therefore goes without saying that only the true owners of sovereignty are entitled to choose the portions of it that should be entrusted to the federal government. The PAFM wants to put back the citizenry on the driver seat in the process of chosen the best form of union the African States must be bind by.


The reason for being of the PAFM is to carry out a credible campaign for the organization of a referendum by each state in the countries targeted to become member of the United African States. These referendums are intended to give to their citizens the opportunity to accept or reject a federalist compact between their state and the other African states.


The PAFM aspires to be the Voice of the disenfranchised voiceless African grassroots on the question of Pan African Political Unification.


Our Identity


The PAFM is a group of Pan Africanists committed to spreading the vision of a politically united African people. It intends to educate all classes within the African society on their interest in  uniting the African States all over the world and forming a fully sovereign federal entity.  The time frame it has given itself to achieve this goal is a single generation or less!


What differentiate the PAFM with the myriad of Pan Africanist Organizations or movements already in existence, is that although the total liberation of African people from foreign yoke and the restoration of their dignity are its ultimate goals, the PAFM have made the conscious choice of only focusing its effort on the reinstatement of the full sovereignty of African people around the globe. The PAFM believes that the Lack of a Fully Sovereign Entity under their control is the root cause of many of the problems African people are encountering today.


While PAFM is a member of the Global Pan African Movement and works with the AU and CARICOM it recognizes the structural limit in their capacity to complete the African liberation.


What we strongly believe in


In the PAFM we understand and agree with the need for African people to build unity if they want to acquire freedom. Our core belief is that it is only through political unity that African people can impose the respect of their dignity and the recognition of their human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


The PAFM understands that we must be organized to assert and defend our sovereignty; expressed as both political and economic democracy and empowerment through African Peoples Security.


 “To overcome the tremendous obstacles in the way of economic unification of Africa, decisive political actions are required in the first place. Political unification is the prerequisite. ​The rational organization of African economies cannot precede the political organization of Africa. The elaboration of a rational formula of economic organization must come after the creation of a federal political entity. It is only within the framework of such a geopolitical entity that a rational economic development and cooperation can be inserted”[1]. This is a clear definition of the mission and mandate for Pan African Federalism by Mehdi Ben Barka.


We are fueled by the urgent need to end the sufferings of all Africans of the blood and of the Soil who today:  

-         continue to be the victims of wars of pillage of natural and human resources

-         are being sold as slaves while trying to seek for better opportunities

-         are drowning in the Mediterranean trying to escape poverty in Africa only to face urban poverty and oppression in Europe; as well as incarceration,

-         are victims of the rapacious seizure of their lands, ‘justifiable homicide’

-         are the casualties in wanton murderous acts resulting from police brutality.


The PAFM is focused on the recognition, restorations and respect of the rights of Africans across the globe. Movements such as Black Lives Matter, the various organizations fighting for the Reparations of the wrongs done to African people through slavery, colonialism and Apartheid are the natural allies of the PAFM.


The PAFM is committed to the creation of the conditions that can lead to the repair and redemption needed by African people after centuries of enslavement and colonialism, Apartheid, Jim Crow.


The PAFM is of the view that the reparations of these wrongs will not be derived winning lawsuits against the culprits in their courts of injustice or by shaming those States that are the ultimate responsible for these crimes against humanity committed against African People over many centuries. Only a fully sovereign entity controlled African people will be in the position to put these legitimate demands on the table and expect to get the rightful outcome.


The PAFM reject any form of accommodation to the dispensation that Africa, the world’s wealthiest continent, is also home to the world’s poorest people.


PAFM’s determination to establish the UAS in this generation necessitates conscious, coordinated, conscientious and targeted actions in the context of the new scramble for Africa; not only by the former European colonizers but also by all sorts of foreign countries and multinationals.


The PAFM recognizes that only the federal army of a United African States can insure the security of African people and their protection against the nefarious acts of spawned terror groups which are fed by foreign powers with the intention to justify their current military expansion in Africa such as AFRICOM, and the various foreign military basis that are on African soil to protects their nationals busy exploiting African people and the resources of their continent.


PAFM is convinced that the Continental African Free Trade Agreement will not serve the African people.  Instead it will make it much harder to develop a competitive African industry.


PAFM is convinced that if our generation does not do anything that can stop the new Scramble for African Lands it will do a great disservice to our children, grandchildren and many more future generations of Africans.


PAFM believes that the federated United African States will include all the territory on the African continent and ANY African population in the Caribbean or elsewhere, where Africans of the blood can with a democratic majority, apply to and be accepted as one of the United African States.


PAFM believes that our generation must win the battle for the unification of Africa so that the liberation of the African Peoples is effective and complete. The struggle continues, the stakes are high, but victory is possible in less than a generation.


The generation that preceded us accomplished in fifty years (between 1900 and 1950) the miracle of the liberation of Africa while the world situation was incredibly violent!


Our generation can accomplish in less than a generation the second phase of this struggle, the true political union of Africa in creating the United African States, for the liberation of Africa to be complete and its real independence to be secured.


What the UAS will make possible


The creation of the United African States will:


1)    Enable African people to emancipate themselves, repair their damaged dignity and regain full control of their sovereignty,

2)    Be a Security blanket for all people of African descent wherever they may find themselves in the cosmos,

3)    Be able to protect African people from the nefarious consequences of horrendous illegal capital flights, the pillage of their seas and the reckless hunting and poaching of many of its endangered wild life.  

4)    Create an environment where the Restoration and protection of the various African Sub-Cultures, the beginning of a true African Renaissance, will be possible.

5)    Insure the protection of the Rights of the Minorities and power deficient groups,

6)    Have the means to make health care as a Human Right and the resources to eradicate many of the pandemic diseases that are constant threats to individuals and communities,

7)    Be able to make the protection of the environment as one of the priorities of the Federal States and Local Governments.

8)    Assume the present debt of all the member states and be in the position for renegotiating it at a much lower interest rate.  It is important to note that even after assuming the total debt of all the member states, the federal government of the UAS stand to be among the least indebted, less than 50% of its GDP.  The opportunities that this will create for African people, starting with much lower cost for borrowing money, are immense.  

9)    Be better positioned geopolitically and able to demand or and expect to get a seat with veto power at the Security Council of the United Nations

10)                        Will drastically reduce the cost of diplomacy for the African tax payers. Its diplomatic corps will no longer be toothless.

11)                        Establish a vast market with a common currency. The federal government of the UAS will organize a vast Pan-African Market. It will regulate trade between Member States and with the rest of the world. The Member States will freely organize their  internal market while as long as they respect the federal laws.

12)                        Be in a better position to take advantage of the demographic dividend and the major technological advances which are today either sources of social tension and instability or threats to the sovereignty of African states. The Plentiful opportunities for self betterments will be able to absorb all the youth entering the job market.


13)                        Create an army that will integrate all the armies of the Member States into one single military organization, with a single federal command. The military power thus developed will serve to protect each MemberState against any attempt at destabilization, all internal and external threats, because if only one State is attacked, all the United African States are attacked. Terrorists, mercenaries of all stripes, imperialist neo-colonialists and all enemies of Africa will think twice before lifting the little one to attack a member country of the United African States.


14)                        Not allow the presence of any foreign military basis on the soil of any of its member states.


15)                        Establish a Federal Police whose jurisdiction extends to all the territories of the Member States, in order to be able to prosecute criminals wherever the local police can not do it. The Pan-African Federal Government must determine the crimes and offenses that fall under the jurisdiction of the federal police under which it takes precedence over local policies. In all cases, the prosecution of suspects outside the borders of United African States falls under the jurisdiction of the federal police and the federal authorities.

16)                        Be in a better position to guaranty the freedom of the press, the rights of individuals and minorities,

17)                        To insure the protection, promotion and development of all African languages and to take incentivizing measures for their teaching in schools and their use in modern life and ICTs while building the infrastructures for ICTs throughout all the United African States.  


18)                        Have enough resources for Education and research.  The responsibility for the organization of the education system will remain in the hands each MemberState. However, the Pan-African Federal Government may propose to Member States framework programs and certification systems to harmonize and improve the quality of teaching in all Member States.

19)                        Create an environment where sport and art can become vibrant components of the economy. Our best talents will no longer need to go abroad to succeed and win the cup for a foreign country, nor our gastronomy and our talented designers and movie-makers be shaded.

20)                         Will have enough resources to heavily sponsor Scientific research especially in the field of renewable energies (solar energy stations in the Sahara and the Sahel, hydroelectric stations on some large waterfalls), agriculture (organic and totally natural food crops), pharmacopoeia (cultivation of medicinal plants and exploitation of these for the manufacture of medicines in Africa), medicine (generic drug manufacturing in Africa) to eradicate Malaria, AIDS and other major endemics disease.

21)                        The fluidity of the circulation of individuals and good throughout the continent is impossible without an excellent transportation system via air, land and sea.  The Federal government will have the means to heavily invest in this field and build planes, boats, trains and cars, airports, harbors and transcontinental highways.


The PAFM is not suggesting that political unification is the panacea to all the problems African people are faced with today, however it is the sole solid foundation on which a true African Renaissance can prosper. This is why in his paradigm shifting statement Dr Kwame Nkrumah declared that “Africa MUST Unite!” not “ought” to or “should” but MUST!


Principles and requirements


Since any historical transformation must necessarily be preceded by a phase of cultural preparation, the African liberation project through political unification presupposes a prior paradigm shift, a reversal of a mental perspective, starting with the so-called intellectual elites, involving an active and radical Africanization of minds formatted by the Western school.

In the light of the age-old experience accumulated during the emancipation struggles, this concretely signifies the need to rethink Africa as an organic and indivisible totality, its Diaspora being an integral and inseparable part. Since Africa is conceived as the nation to be built, the motherland, and the direct descent of its people a mere extra-continental outgrowths, it must be admitted that no African or person of direct African descent would ever be considered an alien anywhere on the mother continent.


To this conceptual break in the redefinition of African identity comes a second challenge of ensuring effective equality in the rights and duties of African citizens of the new type.


The PAFM is non-violent coalition.  Only lawful activities will be allowed to be conducted under its banner.   


The PAFM being a coalition of various individuals and organizations with different opinions on other issues besides the urgent need for the political unification of all the African States does not get involved in national or local partisan politics.  The sole focus of the Local and National committees must remain the building of a coalition for the birth of the United African States within a generation or less.


How do we intend to achieve our mission?


Two main principles will govern our approach: the inclusive and participative approach and the principle of relying on its own forces in the human, material and financial spheres. We will only rely on the African peoples themselves and not on others, relying primarily on persuasion rather than force. We are of the belief that convincing by exemplary action always has a longer laster psychological impact than constraint.


Our First Step toward achieving our goals is the organization of the First Pan African Federalist Congress.  This Congress will only take place when we are sure that those who will be participating in it have the mandate to speak on behalf the majority of African people. We Pan African Federalists want to make sure that the decision made at this Congress will be derived from the will of the majority of the African people.  This is the only way to make this gathering a decisive step in the launching of the campaign for the birth of the United African States in generation or much less.


Many of the congresses, conferences, symposiums and workshops that have been organized on the question of African Unity have produced excellent proposals. The persistent and continuing challenge is the lack of a credible tool for implementing recommendations from these meetings. It is clear today that the political leaders they were hoping to implement these resolutions did not have the will to do so. We have no intention of making the success of our initiative depend on luck or on others other than the Pan-African federalists themselves.


This meeting is not geared towards the production of resolutions that will protest or condemn the impact of the policies of other nations on Africans. Its aim is to produce a plan of action that can lead Africans to reclaim their positive sovereignty.


The PAFM is not a Protest Coalition.  Only actions aiming at empowering African people in their effort to regain their full sovereignty and dignity will be condoned by our grassroots coalition for African unity.


Our Second step will be to call for referendums.  We are determined to carry out a campaign that will put the African masses at the helm of the process of unification of Africa because we are convinced that, in their overwhelming majority, they want to see Africa united politically and give itself the means to take his daughters and sons out of the misery in which they wade today.


After the Congress, it will be necessary to launch the campaign for the creation of the United African States (UAS) in less than a generation through a powerful movement from the base to the summit that will allow the African peoples, the legitimate owners of the sovereignty of their State, to express themselves clearly on the mode of union they wish to promote. The purpose of this campaign is the organization, in each African state, of a referendum in which citizens will vote for or against the federalist option.


Who are our natural allies?


The African peoples who have overwhelmingly come to the realization that the promises of independence are not being materialized constitute the pedestal on which the Pan African Federalist Movement will be built.


The PAFM intends to mobilize the civil society, the trade unions, the Pan Africans political parties, the guild organizations, the youth organizations the women organization the peasants’ organizations and so on and so forth. Any individual or organization willing to be part of this campaign will be offered the opportunity to do so. 


The PAFM will also reach out to the entrepreneurs, industrialists who are today being stifled by their disloyal foreign competitors.


The PAFM will reach out to the African states of the continent and of the Diaspora exclusively on the issue of political unification.  It will work with all those who are willing to support its campaign without any condition. It will also reach out to the Regional and Continental organizations in which African States are members of.


The aim here is to involve the African people as much as possible. Because we believe, as Cheikh Anta Diop "... that African unity will come from the base and will develop as an underground current to the current political sterility and rampant economic stagnation of our continent".

We are convinced that this moment has arrived and that pan-African federalists have a duty to lead the African masses to the right destination, the United African States (UAS).


Who are our most obvious foes?


Our most formidable foes are not the foreigners trying to keep us divided and weak for the purpose that is redundant to repeat here!

African people who benefit from the foreign control of our destiny are indeed the most formidable enemies of the “Africa Must Unite” tide that the PAFM is generating. Among those the most obvious are:

-         The politicians who are content with feeding on the crumbs left behind by the imperialists and their multinationals and will do anything to continue to control their distribution.  

-         The Compradors (retail and mercantile) who have the monopoly of the collection of the raw material for the foreign industries and the distribution of their finished products.

-         The intellectuals who are eager to be recognized with granting of knighthood and wining and dining by the foreign powers and/or through a myriad of NGOs funding, engagement speeches etc.

-         The narrow minded nationalists or regionalists who believe that African people are too diverse to be united under One political, economic and security entity.




PAFM organizers must always be humble enough to be open to learn from others where they are clearer, even take direction from the most progressive impulses of the African masses in city or country, on the continent, in the Caribbean or in the concrete jungles of North America and Europe. As Amilcar Cabral noted, “The eye of the peasant sees right.”


Invoking the intrepid leadership of Toussaint and Dessalines in the abolition of slavery and exertion of self determination, for which until today the people of Haiti are paying the price; and Marcus Garvey’s assertion of the need for collective economic self reliance and empowerment of African people at home and abroad, the PAFM’s strategy for unity and liberation is both political and economic; cultural and military; spiritual and scientific.


“Africa Awake,

You have nothing to lose but your Chains,

You have a Continent to regain,

You have Freedom and Human dignity to Attain!”[2]

“Hail! United States of Africa-free! Country of the brave black man's liberty;
State of greater nationhood thou hast won! A new life for the race is just begun”[3].

[1]The Political Thought of Mehdi Ben Barka; Tricontinental Publishers, Havana, 1968

[2]WEB Dubois (speech delivered at the 1958 AAPC )


[3]Marcus Garvey (From the Poem Hail the United State of Africa)